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Total Machine Safety is the first integrated electrical and fluid power machine safeguarding training program. This comprehensive approach to evaluating and designing safety controls systems is critical in the overall success of a safety program.

An understanding of global safety standard requirements for lockout and machine guarding is critical to implementing safety systems that both protect employees and promote greater productivity. When safety is addressed in the machine design process you begin to realize that safety is just another aspect of good business practices.

What's In It For You?
Understand the existing global safety standard landscape and future direction
Assess and minimize risk when evaluating machines for safety
Examine work environments and recognize potential problems
Grasp the basics of electrical and fluid power safety components
Manage productivity and uptime by taking a holistic approach to machine safety

What Does the Program Cover?

Total Machine Safety will cover topics such as Standards, Risk Assessment requirements, Lockout/Energy Isolation, Electrical and Fluid Power Safety Devices and applications, and overall machine safeguarding requirements and solutions. This class will not cover detailed component specifications, detailed component selection, or specific detailed circuit design. It will however provide a broad basis and understanding of what is required from a design standpoint, how to implement a machine guarding process, and how to select the components that will most effectively provide a solution while avoiding common pitfalls.

Who Authored the Program?

Subject matter experts from ROSS Controls and external partners developed Total Machine Safety.

ROSS Controls is a global designer and manufacturer of control reliable pneumatic valves and systems for industrial equipment.


The same subject matter experts who developed the program also facilitate the program. Our pool of facilitators has professional experience and includes registered professional engineers, certified safety professionals and ANSI committee members.

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